Why .autopackage is awful

2016-11-26 13:40:00 +0000, 1 year and 10 months ago

What is .autopackge?

It’s a GUI package management system for GNU+Linux that handles installing things.
It’s bad.

Why is it bad?

It’s uselesss

Aside from people who can’t use the CLI at all (in which case go back to Windows and stop filling up SO with your dumb questions.) there’s no reason, at all, to use a GUI package manager when there’s already dedicated package managers that have been tried and tested to work for years. e.g. apt-get, pacman.

sudo apt-get install package

sudo pacman -S package

That are significantly faster (partially because they aren’t wasting system resources on showing me a fancy progress bar), less resource intensive and reliable; plus I know what’s happening and what’s being installed. I can also see if there’s an error in installation and quickly debug and get on with what I was wanting to do.

autopackge does none of that, it just gives a big middle finger when it crashes, staring at you with its steely Adwatia fucking eyes (because to hell with GTK3), prompting me to lovingly smash it over the head with a good old kill -9.

Shit piece of crap

Look how ugly it is. Look at it.

i686 Only

Honestly why people still make things only supported for 32 bit systems now that multi-arch on Linux is a thing is beyond me, you must be seriously idiotic to limit your software to a dying architecture.
Actually, this is maybe the only good thing about auto-package, it’ll eventually die out once i386 gets deprecated.


It’s Linux, why on earth do we need a GUI package system, just use the distro’s package installer, please.

sudo dpkg -i package.deb

That’s literally it. It’s not difficult.


Since it is a GUI based software, it’s gonna’ be bloated, full of useless crap that’ll I’ll never use, yet since the guy who made it couldn’t be bothered to package it sanely, we now have to suffer and install a bunch of packages and its dependencies just to install a single package. WHY DON’T THEY JUST PROVIDE THE SOURCE AND SPARE ME.

Yet another format

This XKCD comic comes to mind:

XKCD Format

Here’s a list of most of the package managers out there:


Closing thoughts

It’s literally garbage and no-one should use it except Windows idiots migrating over to Ubuntu and need something to hold their hand.

Actually, wait … what’s this?

Stable release
1.4.2[1] / May 24, 2009; 7 years ago

Oh wow, no-one is developing it - but what? People are still packaging software with it? Make it stop, please.

Jokes aside, I do realize that the greatest strength of Linux is its abundance of choice in everything, but I do think this GUI package manager is kind of pointless, it’s bloated and doesn’t work well.

The worst thing is that developers create good software, package it in this god awful format and then don’t even provide the source so I could just compile it myself in 1/2 the time, basically nulling any liking I had towards it in the first place.



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