More things

2016-03-13 00:03:00 +0000, 2 years and 7 months ago

So a couple of more ideas I’ve had.

The Comments section will run via Poole instead of this horrible dependency on Disqus, I think it adds something like 9 javascript files, I’m also seeing a noticable slowdown when I load post pages now, I pretty sure I’ll remove it in a day or two.

I’m also using to make posts now, there was some cms script that someone made a while back, but it doesn’t work with the latest Jekyll. However, looking at Poole I do think it might be possible to create a form with an API key, and then serve it with HTTP post and then with that API, bring it back again using HTTP get. I could probably further automate it with Gulp, which could pull the data from the Poole form, since it formats it in YAML Jekyll’ll (heh) will treat it as structured data, which makes the parsing easy. Since Poole can display comments too - It’d be great to only have one dependency for this site.
Not really sure if anything I just said makes any sense but yeah.

I’ve almost finished my Electronics coursework too, I’ve been designing and building a system for old cars, since most of them run on lead acid batteries, they tend to suffer from sulfication and pretty much die once you’ve discharged them several times, headlights being a big contributor to battery deaths, why not make something that alerts the driver when the headlights are on, and the door is open?

Essentially all it is, is just two inputs, NAND those together, hook that up to a 555 monostable which’ll trigger a 555 astable to turn on a loudspeaker at 2.8kHz for around 15 seconds.

I’ll take some pictures and maybe a video of how the system functions and post it on here on Monday, I’ve just got to sort out the astable output frequency and it’s good to go.



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