College, comfy-sounds & cleanup

2016-09-27 22:32:00 +0000, 2 years and 2 weeks ago

Aaand it’s back again to college, this year I’m doing A-level Maths & Physics with A2 Electronics, since last year I kinda screwded up Maths and Physics for reasons. Anyway, to the topic of this title, Comfy Sounds, is a little thing I’ve been working on over the week or so; I’ve been trying to stylize my code and really make everything as minimal as possible. In the past I previously just took a hamfisted approach to making things work without taking scalability into concern. The idea arose from my own need for white noise to play in the background whilst I was studying/typing up notes.

Another thing I made is a cleanup script, a bit more complicated than my previous one; which was just:

+#! /bin/bash
+echo cleaning up...
+cd /home/`whoami`
+echo `pwd`
+echo creating folder...s
+mkdir images/ music/ docs/ video/ code/ images/art/ zips/
+echo moving files...
+mv *.txt docs/
+mv *.jpg images/
+mv *.png images/

And so on, this new script however uses fish’s case and switch functions as shown:

# file type array
for file in *.* # exclude directories
	switch $file
	case "*.txt"
	    echo "Renaming" $file "to" (basename $file .txt)"_"$date_setting".txt" "and moving to" $doc_dir/ "..."
	    mv $file (basename $file .txt)"_"$date_setting".txt" ; sleep $delay_time 
		mv (basename $file .txt)"_"$date_setting".txt" $doc_dir/


Initally the script shifts up all the files of Downloads/ and moves it into the Home folder it then echo’s what it is the script it doing to stdout, and then renames the file to the filename+date/time, and finally moves it to the corresponding folder, e.g. $doc_dir/ = Documents/. It also supports a bit of file conversion using convert.

You can download it here



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