Jun 14, 18   

AS-A2 Physics Practical Endorsements

Mar 28, 18   

lssx, LÖVE Space Shooter X

May 02, 17   

’A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ on Binary Coded Disc


Turn-based strategy game inspired by 1066 - in progress.

sweetea-DbSvr power controller

Relay based controller, interfaced via APL.
Distributes power to RAID array, switchbox and several RPi 3B's.


A messagebox library for LÖVE.

lssx & zephyr

LÖVE Space Shooter X.
Written in MoonScript.
Extended Project Qualification, scored 94%.


A Cruel Angel's Thesis on BCD.
Second year Electronics final project, scored 98%.


A sickeningly simple and responsive CSS boilerplate.


Experimenting with integrating hardware and software by making a handheld console, OS written in LOVE with imgui.


Popular (1 million+ user) Discord bot site.


A lovely place to share & submit startpages.

40x2 dev. board

PICAXE 40x2 development board, complete with short-circuit protection, decoupling caps, high power relay output and LED I/O indicators.

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