2017-04-17 03:19:00 +0000, 1 year and 6 months ago

Prepare for the laziest post you’ve ever read

I’m tired as hell and kind of worried about exams - and other stuff not worth talking about.

Anyways, its easter, well, the 2nd week of easter, I’ve already spent the first week feeling sorry for myself and doing bits and bobs of work whilst intermittently crying myself to sleep.

Stuff I’ve done so far:

So the coursework, its around 55 pages-ish, 19,000 odd words, pretty big document weighing in at 22MiB of linguistic caviar (I kid). I’ll post it here once I’ve actually finished it - all thats left is testing, testing, testing, testing. It’s come to the point where I loathe that word. Not because it’s boring and menial but because making graphs in tikz/latex for the results makes me want to cut my innards out and put them up on display.

Here’s a sneaky preview of the document in all its idiocy glory. Laugh at my prose if you must.

doc. preview

And yes, I actually spent about 2 hours dicking around with that CircuiTikZ difference amplifier diagram for no reason at all. Writing in LaTeX has been a real learning experience, its taught me that reading half-words-half-syntax is total pain in the ass since everything is obfuscated. I’ve probably spent more time learning syntax of packages than I have writing, that is hyperbole by the way.

I also started doing Project Euler, even though I’m a brain-let; figuring out problems is kind of fun and distracting, here’s my solution to problem uno in Lua.

sum = 0
for i=1,999 do
    if (math.fmod(i, 5) == 0) or (math.fmod(i, 3) == 0) then
      sum = sum + i

It’s basically just modulo 5 + 3 and the sum of them whilst i > 999. I was going to use the sum of nth terms but then something I hadn’t considered cropped up, 3 and 5 are both factors of 15, so you’d have to do find every multiple of 3 and 5 and then remove the repeated numbers since multiples of 15 would come up twice. So it turned out that it was just faster to do it the way I did, by faster I mean faster to write, not computationally.

So yeah, exams are in about 4 weeks and all. I don’t know if I should even revise for physics considering I don’t actually have to take the real exam until next year, as far as I’m concerned I just need to scrape a C in it (maybe that sounds dick-ish), I have other stuff from last year I gotta’ resit to get a higher grade. To be honest though my grades last year weren’t that bad (ABB) but I know I can do better than that, or at-least I think so.

I’m hoping to get A*AB (electronics, maths, physics - respectively) this year which will set me up for some decent-ish predicted grades for when I apply to uni in September-December time. I have no idea how the UCAS application works and considering I’m painfully incompetent at asking for help I’ll probably spend several hours reading when I could just get the answers in 10 minutes by sending off an e-mail or something.

Last thing, here’s a video of the circuit I’ve been working on, I promise to write a full blown post on it when I’m feeling a bit more motivated. Perhaps after the Maths / ELEC 1/2 exams.

Before you decided to shitpost in the comments (as if anyone is reading this crap anyway), I know it sounds nothing like “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”, I’m working on that, okay?

Apologies for this figurative word spaghetti of a post.



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