Results day

2018-08-16 09:21:00 +0000, 3 months and 5 days ago

About fucking time life gave me a goddamn break and delivered something positive into my life. 3 years at college finally culminating today, needless to say I was pretty much shitting myself prior to tearing over the results envelope. I’ve been at work for what felt like the worlds longest shift in the history of man, every minute dragged, eventually it ended and I headed to college in hi-vis vest, boots and all. As I entered college I saw a group of girls huddled together crying, hugging in their futile attempts at consolidation - I just prayed mine didn’t go their way.

I picked up my results, got in the car and drove all the way home, I’m not sure how I managed to stop myself from opening the envelope as it sat; perched up on the dashboard. The whole drive home I was castigating myself over the mistakes I’d made in the exams - I genuinely though I’d gotten a B in maths and it was off to RHUL. Getting home I sat down on the sofa and post-haste opened the letter.

Overall my A-level results are A*AABB in Electronics, Maths, EPQ, Physics & Art. 4 A-levels and an AS. Accepted into Southampton Uni - thank you lord.

Somehow I managed to scrape an A in A-level maths by 8 UMS, 1.334%, I knew it’d be close but fucking hell, even more close was AS maths by 0.667% and a B in physics by 5 UMS. I’m kind of pissed off that I missed an A in C1, C4 and D1 by like 1 mark, even though most of my exams are a B, since I managed to get 89UMS and 93UMS (by some absolute act of god) in C3 and M1 it brought my average up to over 80%. My UCAS offer for soton only asked for an A in maths, hence the poorer grade in Physics. I probably could’ve gotten an A easily if I’d done past papers, I scored an A* in the mocks but this year papers weren’t so good, bad luck I suppose.

After all the shitty predicted grades, crap mock exam results and condescending talks with my teachers that I should be moved into Use of Maths I’ve come out on top with an A. I can remember two years ago sitting down with the head of maths dept. and him showing me a set of bar graphs, these graphs showed the probability of A-level grades with the various results from GCSE maths. With my B at GCSE the chances of an A at A-level were slim to none. But I fucking did it anyway, locking myself in my room for 2 months and crippling my social circle did the trick. During study leave I used to do past papers, text book questions and ‘hardest-question’ sheets from about 8am to midnight, only stopping to eat, shower and whatnot, every goddamn day until the exams.

That level of improvement was so statistically improbable the bar on those predicted grades was barely visible if I remember correctly, in-fact, a UCAS report shows the following graph, it states I had pretty much ~0% chance of improving my grade from a C/D to an A.

I’ll be digitally copying my maths notes over to here, most of it is brief on purpose. Maths is a subject that you have to practice, even with all the background info. in the world you’d still get a crap grade if you haven’t learned the style of questions they ask you - that was my mistake during first year. Some of the notes have content from Jack Browns’ videos which I found to be immensely helpful for studying the topics I missed out on & going over the more difficult exam questions, kudos to him.

Above is a little graph I made detailing the raw marks required to get an A in each of the 6 modules I took, the grade boundaries were about average, higher than last year though… It’s all pretty funny looking back at myself now when I was trying to predict the grade boundaries, shit’s like stocks, noone has a clue which bloody way they’re gonna’ go.

updatey: Just before I went to sleep I decided to ship off a request for Adjustment because why not? They suprisingly accepted considering the entry requirements were A*AA and I got A*AB in my main subjects - so I guess now I’m doing the MEng Electronic Engineering with Artificial Intelligence instead of the BEng in EE. Pretty fukken nice eh?



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I knew you’d do it! proud of you anon