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2017-01-25 11:43:00 +0000, 1 year and 8 months ago

Yeah so I’ve kinda’ been away from here from a while, mostly because I’m getting assblasted with work from college, even though it’s only near February time, things are intensifying in terms of workload in preparation for exams.

Recent developments

Alongside the increased workload, I’ve started to really try and stop wasting my hecking time so much, i.e. stop playing videogames. To be fair though, I’ve hardly played any at all in the last year or so, except a few text-based puzzle games like TIS-100. So I sold my PC, the one I’ve had for over 5 years or so, I felt pretty bad selling it (for £240) since I’d only just bought a new case for it last August and then just pushed it under my desk for it to collect dust there. Feels like somewhat of a waste. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe this contradicts my prior paragraph but I’ve also started to take piano more seriously too, I don’t mean like I’m turning into some kind of music theory nerd or anything - I just practice a lot more than I used to, I really enjoy melancholic songs, it’s a bit of a break from the constant math that occupies my time at college. I learning Watashi no Uso at the moment, it’s a simple-ish tune but relaxing to play, I might upload a video if I feel I’m playing it well enough to show anyone.


I thought I’d have a go at the whole making desktop apps in html!!!0101!! using Electron, I know some people really hate node.js because of the whole it needs its own server??!!!, but I mean I got this thing working in under an hour (+ with no prior knowledge of js [kinda]), all you can do currently is stop/start the song, I’ve yet to implement the filesystem integration. I’ll come back to this when I get some free time - or so I say.

suchii program

Maybe I just don’t know enough about the inner machinations of npm yet but it seems pretty sane, you do npm install x and it does the rest, I don’t really care too much about how well it cleans up its packages since anything on there is only like ~1MB at the most. I’d rather have something that just werks without too much hassle than go full autismo trying to achieve some kind of holy godlike perfection state where everything is as good as it possibly can be, shit just doesn’t work like that irl.

college shit

Woah boy, mocks are finally over so I can kind of be more relaxed, I exceeded my expected grades in most of my courses so that was good. But now we’re moving onto the next modules I’m finding it hard to keep a set of notes since I’m behind on the previous modules, so I feel like I have to play catchup on my notes backlog before I can start writing about what it is that I’m learning right now ;_;. To aid myself in the future a bit I’m making a concentrated effort to write non-garbage notes in lesson, i.e. explain what I’m talking about so a few weeks down the line I’m not just sat at my desk looking at a sheet full of random numbers thinking what the hell is this all about?.

In terms of electronics coursework progress I managed to get my hands on a transparent disc with a 27.3cm diameter, the peeps down in DT block were kind enough to use their laser cutter to print me one out to my specifications, more on that in a (future) post on my dev. blog if I ever get round to writing it.


my mood –> the bin.
just kidding, h-hah…



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