No more wageslavery!

2018-09-15 05:32:00 +0000, 2 months and 5 days ago

No more being carted to work at 10pm in the back of my brothers van, no more forklifts almost taking my legs off, getting stock out of -25C freezers or crappy hot chocolates on breaks.

My time at DHL has come to an end almost as quickly as it started, 3 months really flies by when you’re doing the same monotonous task every day and it really doesn’t surprise me that some people can spend 10 years doing this job without really noticing it.

The worst part is that it’s just so fucking easy to let everything pass you by, to stay in the same position because its familiar. What’s more, the people I worked with seem to be okay with this, when I spoke to them they said they didn’t mind their jobs - but how can you not be in complete disarray that your life is just slipping through your fingers, maybe it niggles in the back on their mind but they’ve learned to mostly ignore it. 3 months at DHL felt like seconds, I can only imagine 20 years feels but marginally longer.

Life isn’t static, it’s difficult to enjoy the moment when you know it’ll be over eventually and all you’ll have left are memories - does that make it even more important to make the most of what you have? I’d say so. I should take in the moment as much as possible, revel in it, absorb it fully - because sooner or later I’m going to wake up and be 30 years old or something.

I left DHL rather abruptly most to my colleagues displeasure, I had planned to work until the 20th but my solid financial situation convinced me otherwise - I’ll miss them I think, I won’t miss being called ‘two-tug’ (it’s a long story), even though the job sucked I had a lot of fun working with everyone - this guy that worked with me, Adam, used to clean the warehouse aisles, on occasion he’d come across some stock: chocolate bars, Haribos etc. and oh so covertly hide them on his truck & bring them back to me, since I wear mega large hoodies I’d smuggle them past the security at the turnstiles. In the end I think we stole countless Cadburys bars, Maltesers and tic-tacs. Good times.

My colleagues said they’d miss me, one of them even got me a little parting gift, why is it that people I’ve worked along side for 3 months cared more about me than the college students I worked with for 3 years…

I’m feeling better about going to uni compared to last week, I guess being tired out from work just stifled my opinion towards it, I was thinking I’d join the snowboarding society there - I might write something when I get down there.

On a slightly unrelated note, in my time off I’ve written some more websitey code - firstly, a new ftp front-end which supports multiple file uploads [] (async is hell btw) as opposed to the older push page. I also updated my comments system to support replies, it works on a sort of thread system so there’s no kind of nested replies. I ripped most of it from mademistakes and added some rather disgusting glue code to make it all chug.



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It’s really nice to hear you so uncharacteristically optimistic, make sure you focus on exactly what to do before you hit 2nd year though. You’re too smart to end up drifting, believe me.


1st year uni is apparently a piss about, but for £9250/year i’ll be sure to be studious, not like learning in 1st year won’t come in handy in the later years…