hecking lgbtfags

2017-07-23 00:00:00 +0000, 1 year and 2 months ago

The LGBT community irritates me.

It seems like every tranny out there is either,

People contort their issues and project them onto a different sense of self, people from progressive backgrounds say that this type of behavior is okay, and then they enforce it. Applying this kind of charade to mask your actual issues make everyone around you lose all respect for you, you lose respect for yourself. Once you’ve gone off the deep end I think most decide on just going with it, after all, what else do they have other than their identity? It’s spirals off into a giant pissing contest of who’s the most mentally ill “unique”.

Once this group of people go full degeneracy mode and start getting into weird kinks and vocalizing it as a form of rebellion (or just to prove how unique they are) they’ve been around the cock carousel for a few years and picked up all kinds of exotic STI’s from their debauchery, they then have the absolute f u c k i n g audacity to go to the NHS and claim wildly expensive medication for said STI’s - meanwhile some old frail lady who’s worked her whole life is too scared to put on the heating in the winter because then she won’t have enough money left over for food. So they just freeze to death in their homes. That’s what really irritates me the most.

Actual vulnerable people have to pay the price for YOUR self-inflicted fuck up, and then the whole SJW/LGBT community go around bellowing “YAAAAAAAASSSS, freedom and loooooooooooove y’all”. Yeah, right, because your kind of love is the same as my kind of love.

Every day the NHS delays access to PrEP, 17 people are diagnosed with HIV – and the lifetime cost to the NHS for each diagnosis of HIV is £360,000 1

An estimated 101,200 people are living with HIV in the UK. 2

Doing some basic arithmetic, this works out to £36,432,000,000. That’s approximately thirty-six billion GBP to look after all current HIV infected individuals for the rest of their life. Compare that with the current annual UK defence expenditure of £48.3 billion.3 It’s pretty diabolical that such vast quantities of money are spent just because someone couldn’t be bothered to use protection.

I think this is precisely one of the reasons why public health care should not be open to people who have self-inflicted illnesses, i.e. STI’s, alcohol, tobacco, obesity issues (not the “thyroid” issue); because of the fact it gives people like this the opportunity to harm themselves, and then receive medical help when it’s entirely their own fault. No-one is held accountable these days, no-one can face the consequences of their actions because we place the feelings of other so high up, hardly anyone is willing to speak out, because they know these kinds of people are the most vocal.

Back to my previous list,


I give it a few years until someone finds this guy strung up in some hotel somewhere because his “mommy and daddy” stopped changing his nappies.



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