Late sleepless nights

2017-03-21 11:45:00 +0000, 1 year and 6 months ago

Every time I walk past the bulletin board in Physics and see the n weeks until exams counter drop one more digit I get a painful gnawing feeling in my chest that I’m just stood there wasting my time.

Only a few weeks ago I was sorta’ laughing to myself at the peeps over at TSR asking about when to start revising, I’d already kind of started during half term, writing over 160 pages in under a week. I had the feeling that I was gonna’ make it - truth is I’m always second guessing myself, wondering if I am actually good enough for this - maybe I’m being melodramatic, but hey; that’s what this blog’s for.

As of late there’s 8 weeks left until my exams start, I’ve got 9 in total I think, all of which are spread over May and into June. It’s pretty amazing how fast time can go when you’re not paying attention to the weeks tick by - seems like only yesterday when I almost threw in the towel and sold my soul away to some shitty web-dev job for the rest of my life.

The one I’m most worried about is Physics to be quite honest. Occasionally I’ll sit there in class without knowing what the hell the teacher is talking about - other times I feel like I know all there is to know about something. As for the other subjects, Maths and Electronics, they’re okay - I reassure myself that it’s okay to not understand everything immediately and recall it from memory instantly. That’s what revision is for. Speaking of which, I’ve not stuck to my schedule at all - I don’t really stick to hours, I prefer to stop working when I’ve finished a task I set out to do - not to stop when some arbitrary timer goes off, as if to imply, “yeah, you did it, you made the whole hour”.

Last thing - electronics coursework, this has been a real interesting 5 months or so since I started thinking about it, it pretty much works fine at the moment, here’s a video:

So yeah, I built a little platform out of Lego and stuffed photo-diodes in it - playing with Lego in electronics, nice.
I do know that it sounds pretty shit bad at the minute, turns out the data I got for the notes was wrong so it all sounds like a blur of sounds, I’ve also been coding/adding additional little things, like rests for song timing via changing the chip enable pin on the phase-locked loop, variable RPM stepper control for different note speeds as well as reducing hysteresis by whacking some big ole’ capacitors on the inputs of the micro-controller.


Sorry, I get enthusiastic about this dumb thing sometimes.

Also! I made the Miki Discord bot website - and I released by CSS framework, elk.



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