IoB, Internet of Books

2018-03-19 18:33:00 +0000, 6 months and 4 weeks ago

I recently aquired a book called “Mastering essential pre-unversity physics”, looked inside and noticed it was typeset in LaTeX, “hell yeah”, I thought to myself.

I then got home, had a quick look through and sat down to do some questions on fields. H2.2 looked nice enough, I proceeded to whip out the glorious and finished the question succinctly. That’s just about where my joy ended. Once finishing a question the next thing to do is check if you were actually correct, so as one would, is flip to the rear of the book for the answers. Nothing. Nothing.

Imagine that, a question book without an answers section, what the fuck. I next turned to Google, mastering essential pre-unversity physics answers pdf. N o t h i n g. Now I’m seriously dumbfounded, what on earth is one supposed to do with a book full of questions without a single answer. It then turns out you have to create an account on the isaacphysics, navigate through their crap UI to find the answers - buuut, they don’t actually give you the answers, you have to input your calculated answers into a input area (relies on JS), click a validate answer button (happily ships off your location also) which tells you if you’re correct. It’s never that easy though, you always have to dick around with the significant figures, go back in your calculations and round some numbers etc. etc. in order to get the EXACT number it’s looking for. Needless to say it’s infuriating.

All this so some fucking CO or programmer can jerk off his latest book/internet machination as the rest of IoT developers do.

Then you ask yourself, what is the purpose of this book? Was there any real reason for someone to beautifully typeset all these question in LaTeX only to send the user through the 6 circles of shitty web design and privacy “fuck you”’s? All the questions in the book are exactly the same as the ones on the website so the book itself has no real purpose, you’re forced to be online, forced to divert your attention to a shit site. The book has no intrinsic purpose at this point and I proceeded to reduce it to something of similar uselessness, ash.

IoB, Internet of Books.



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