First night at Uni

2018-09-23 04:03:00 +0000, 3 weeks ago

I got fucked up.

I thought it’d be a great idea to drink a bit before the Welcome Night talk in order to be a bit more sociable, unfortunately I drank about half a bottle of Smirnoff without noticing. The Welcome Talk was ok, I don’t remember anything that they said though.

I’d considered staying in my room all night because the concept of talking to my flatmate’s was something not on my to-do list, with the drink and the fact that they knocked on my door to introduce themselves I was drawn out of my bastion of comfort. I think there’s about 8 other people in my flat, there’s a distinctly weighted girls:boys ratio in the girls favour so this year should be interesting. While I was drunk I was talking to this Turkish guy who physically said the word “normie” when discussing the Freshers open nights. Not sure how to feel about that. All the boys brought their gayming rigs & dual monitors. :thinking:

Speaking of open nights, I got convinced by some of my flatmate’s to buy a ticket for £12, but by the time 10pm came around I was so utterly dead I ended up crashing in my bed and occasionally being sick into my bin. Nice. This should give you and idea just to how much I’d drank.

Apart from that I spent a couple of hours unpacking, going to IKEA and whatnot. I bought some plants because, they’re cute I guess. My room is pretty cozy now. I managed to nab an en-suite for like £18 per night, which is pretty ok by Southampton standards, some of the Mayflower rooms were going for £24 per night(!).

My flatmate’s seem alright too, somehow I managed to get two of their Discord names so maybe I’ll hit them up on there or something now that I’m less socially enthused by virtue of alcohol.

My head hurts a bit.



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