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Jun 22, 18 - 10:30am, in 5 days

if everything goes smoothly this post should come out at pretty much exactly 10:30am 22/06/18, aka when i’ve finished my last exam. i thought it’d be a good idea to document how this shit (tests that will dictate the direction of the rest of my life) goes down. namely, if i do bad, then it’s off to RHUL, a subpar uni, not what i want or soton, top tier, 2nd in the uk for electronic engineering, top 1% in the country bomb as fuck uni, this is the thing i’m aiming for.

according to my UCAS offer from soton i need but only a simple A in mathematics, a nice round 480/600 UMS, 80%. however, statistics are not in my favour (if one can even apply statistics considering my incredibly anomalous education track record), for a bit of context, last year in C1, C2 and M1 i recieved, D, E, A - a really fat 40% ish in the core modules and by some stroke of luck, 92% in mechanics. hence my apprehension to apply statistics. anyway, I also achieved an A* in electronics with 590/600 UMS (98.2%) so it’s not like i’m wholly incompetent or anything.

since i have a bit of numbers to play with, i’ve calculated i need approximately 77.6/100 UMS in each of my 5 other maths exams, just shy of an A in each - which i think is perfectly doable given enough effort / luck. so yeah. I find my results out the day after my birthday, which kind of makes my birthday fairly insignificant in comparison really.

Predicted results: BB
Desired results: AB (maths,physics respectively)

Overall alevel results (if achieved): A*AABB
(electronics, maths, EPQ, physics, art)



I can’t even begin to describe my overwhelming amount of anger I have towards Edexcel at the current moment - two years of studying, all for basically nothing because the stupid faggots that design the paper decide to drop half the fucking syllabus out of the paper. NOTHING on cyclotrons, particle motion in B/E-fields, pair production, mass spectroscopy, bubble chambers, Milikans oil drop … blah blah - I’ve written 150 pages on AP1/2 and they decide to test two years worth of work on about 10% of the subject.

Instead they (assholes at Edexcel) decide to make questions about magicians, 18th century steam engines, derivation of centripetal acceleration from two points on a curve and a 5 mark question asking me to describe the ENTIRE standard model for subatomic particles - that should be a bloody 9 marker at least, there’s just so much to say: quarks, baryons, meson quark anti-quark pairs, charge, lepton + baryon numbers, conservation laws, kaons, strangeness, pions anti-particles, fundamental particles… I KNOW all of this but how the fuck are you supposed to condese all that content into a 5 line, 5 marker question - so so idiotic.

I’m consoling myself with the fact that my uni offer didn’t even ask for a grade in physics so I technically don’t even have to sit the exams. I’m going to stop practicing physics and instead consolidate my position, focus on what’s important - getting an A in maths. Hopefully AQA doesn’t decide to take their lubed up dick and completely screw me with it.



This was a better paper, very few abberant bullshit application questions (a la magician), more so focused on theory - I’m pretty good at recalling information because of my near autistic memory so the explanation questions were a total breeze - contrary to what the people on twitter were saying. Most people were complaining about a question involving circular motion and astrophyics - All one had to do was equate centripetal force to weight, solve for instantaneous velocity, sub into to get angular velocity and finally calculate the time period with . A very nice question which I thoroughly enjoyed solving.

I did notice that the paper was about 60% waves, which was okay because waves is memorization with a bit of understanding. Of course, there are already some quality shitposts cropping up already, my fave so far:


12/06/18; 11:35am

The day before. I’m coming to terms with the fact that my exam is literally tommorrow - that the next 4 years of my life will depend on my performance in tommorrows exam. I’ve been calculating what UMS I need in order to have a decent probability of getting an A grade - I need 480/600, an average of 80UMS per paper. I know all the content and I’ve done pretty much every past paper, accumulating a sort of reposititory of examplar questions - exam question papers are pretty much all the same with the odd bit if awkward algebra. I’ve also been helping out people on TSR, answering their questions and such - now I’m considering it might be a bad idea to be dishing out my frankly, fukken divine knowledge on graphs to the people I’m competing against.

So far I have 92/100 in M1 and all the rest are sort of in the air - I’m estimating around 70-ish for C1/C2 (for damage control purposes), which leaves me with 248UMS, so I’d need an average of 82.6 (reccuring) UMS in C3/C4 and D1. I like those odds. I did an C3 paper the other week and got 92 UMS with 25 minutes to spare - but I knew that was an excellent performance. Pacing is good, my main issue is silly arithmetic errors so I’ve got to balance being careful but still having enough time to deal with the awkward curveball questions.


That was on “ok” paper. Feeling good that it wasn’t a total trainwreck. Not too hard nor too easy, a decent balance of 3-8 markers. I know for a fact I got one of the 7 markers. I have one of those fancy calculators with a built in integration solver, like you give it the equation and limits and it calculates the area, anyway, once I’d got my answer of ln(3/2)-(1/3), I punched the equation and limits into the calculator and pressed solve, it takes about 20 seconds to solve so during that time I put in the exact answer into my graphical, which turned out to be 0.07213 something, I basically sat there staring at my calculator with the words “PROCESSING” embellished across the front for what felt like a century, anyway, it finally decided on a answer: 0.07213177477 - seeing that number - it sounds sad but I’ve not felt as happy as I did in the exam hall when I saw that answer.

There was another nice proof question; integral of ln(3-4x) = A (limits 3,1), show that the integral ln(3e+4ex) = A+2 - I had about 3 minutes left to solve this since it was the last part on a later question. Anyway:

ln(3e+4ex) = A
 -> ln(e(3+4x))
 -> ln(e) + ln(3+4x)
 -> integral(3,1) ln(e) = 2
 -> Hence integral(3,1) ln(3e+4ex) = A+2


Not sure if the paper was “ok” or I’m just better at maths now… I’d say I got upper 50’s /75, which considering the grade boundaries of 54 for an A last year I think I’ll be ok - anything over 80UMS is a success imo. If I do get an A in this fucking subject it’ll be by 1 or 2 UMS, it’s that close.

Of course, the twitter memes:

Absolute kek.



lmao fuck edexcel to high hell, that sucked. 2 & 1/2 of crap. probably scraped a B in that but whatever. my offer for uni only mentioned an A in maths so i didn’t really even need to sit it anyway. really kind of annoyed at the creators of the last 3 papers, huge sections of the spec just gutted: nothing on motor effect/particle detectors/accelerators/induction/motor effect/waves yada yada. i can’t recall once using flemings hand rules in any of the exams. get A’s in all my mock papers and then get hit with shit about calculating how many bastard discs i need to keep the measured mass uncertainty below 0.5%. absolute crapshoot of a paper.

i was really hoping on some fat particle physics question since i’m know that shit like the back of my hand but nah, one 6 marker asking about the entire standard model on AP1 and nothing else. shame. shame on the house of edexcel. welp, it’s over now and i’m thankful for that - i’ll never have to sit another physics exam and i take great joy in stating that fact.

in a slightly positive turn of events in relation to physics, i passed my practical endorsement so yay


14/06/18 09:33PM

yeah dude, i’m fucking pumped as shit for this paper, i’m going to literally FUCK its SHIT up - my dick is 100% lubed up and ready to go on this goddamn mfing set of questions, >90 UMS baby - i’m basically ryan lockwood doing a streets 1:12, the clutchness i can feel it
particular solutions to first order differential equations? yeah? FUCK you aqa

separate variables, bang
integrate both sides, bang
add constant of integration, bang
solve for C and arrange in form h(x) = f(t) bang

sorry im having a total addy fueled autistic shitfit


alright that went pretty decent, checking out TSR i seem to have gotten pretty much 90% of the answers correctly, i dropped the ball a bit on the exponentials question towards the end so that’s about 6 marks down the shitter already. i’m gonna say i didn’t do as well as c3 by a few marks, just the little things screwing me over as usual - my vectors revision really came into handly for the last question though, 7 marker find position vector E type deal that everyone is complaining about i did in about 5 minutes flat

it’s really nice when you’re in an exam when you know what the fuck you’re doing - and then the times when youre charting into unknown territory, just trying things out to see what works it’s possibly the worst sensation imaginable.

i’m guessing a solid >60 for both c3 & c4, with c3 > c4 by a small margin. hopefully i’ve done enough to score myself an A, i’m just praying to god that all those little lost marks don’t add up and i miss the A boundary by a few marks. right now though i’ve got 6 days to prepare for D1. i need 80 UMS in D1 to get into soton, considering i don’t know much of anything about D1 it’s gonna take all my strength to power through this shit.



i’ve sacrificed a lot for this, anyone that’s cared about me i’ve ghosted, any relationships i did have are completely burned, i’ve had almost zero socialising for the last 3 years and the last 6 weeks i’ve almost resigned myself to my room, studying 10 hours a day and for what? some numbers on a screen that tell me i’m worthy, it makes you question it all a bit.

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