Easter break

2016-04-09 22:49:00 +0000, 2 years and 6 months ago

Since easter break is two weeks long, I have a lot of time on my hands - I decided to fill this time up by doing, uh, things.

During this time I took up learning lua and making a new website. The lua game, STATR, is quite simple, the main game mechanic being on a key press, the enviroment changes. Using this mechanic you can navigate to different areas. I started out using the LOVE2D lua framework because it looks pretty easy, and there are quite a lot of helpful libraries.

The other website I made, mktt.ad, is an administration site, which gives an overview of all the computers, servers & website status, I can also upload and download files from my FTP server via the site. The whole point is to centralise my home networking and to streamline the whole process of server/device management.

The site is password protected, but it can be accessed here



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