Death to Disqus! and other stuff.

2016-10-31 03:13:00 +0000, 1 year and 11 months ago

That’s right, it’s gone, I finally got rid of Disqus. I said this in this post way back from March:

The Comments section will run via Poole instead of this horrible dependency on Disqus, I think it adds something like 9 javascript files, I’m also seeing a noticeable slowdown when I load post pages now, I pretty sure I’ll remove it in a day or two.

Now that it’s gone there’s no more slowdown! No more off-shored comments! No more ugly Disqus logo that I hacking-ly hid before with some position: absolute element :). All the comments are now stored on the site and I have my freedom back at last.

It only took me one… two… seven months to get around to it, that’s because there simply wasn’t any other option aside from Disqus at the time; I never did implement Poole since it became defunct only a few weeks after I made that post; so unfortunately I had to deal with the cards that were dealt. Until of course some lovely person out there by the name of Eduardo Bouças made a little thing called Staticman; basically it makes use of the Github pull request feature to send comments to a blog, of course there’s an API in the middle that handles converting the form data into a yml file and submitting it as a pull request. I’ve also heard he’s planning on adding reCAPTCHA soon too, so I’m looking forward to that.

Also I mentioned in the post from March:

I’m also using to make posts now

I’m not using that either anymore, I’ve since created my own way of posting posts with a AJAX script, the same one used in my jekyll-messenger. It’s pretty simple, you create a form, the JS script parses the contents of the form into yml front matter, and then directly sends that to the /blog/ directory.

I’ve extensively reworked the back-end of the site too as well as some minor UI edits (such as the sliding header), before I used to hold all my files in folders like f_blog and f_portfolio since I use to hold the blog.html and portfolio.html in another folder called f_pages, since then I’ve migrated these files into their respective folder, but I renamed them all to index.html so that now it displays the page instead of a file tree. I also reworked the FTP section of the site to make it easier to add files, 90% of the site assets are now stored in the ftp/ section, all that’s left now is the portfolio section and some of the JS files that are hanging about in various places.

You can test out the brand new comment section below, your e-mail address isn’t sent, it’s just converted into an MD5 hash to tell who’s who, its optional though.



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