Cold showers

2017-12-19 02:43:00 +0000, 9 months and 4 weeks ago

So I’m just taking a shower as per usual, thinking about something mundane when suddenly, the wild idea of subjecting myself to freezing cold temperatures comes to mind. What a brilliant idea I said to myself. It was going to be a test of my iron, steely will and determination.
After some brief moments of hyping myself up, I teased the shower handle down a notch.


Down a few more, “Christ.”.

Fuck it, all the way down.
I cannot describe the sheer burst of adrenaline that hit me in that moment, I began to furiously hyperventilate, almost panicky in a sense - but no, I would persist. I’d been in this almost glacial shower for about a solid 25 seconds when I began to feel my limbs numb, vision blurring and a general loss of thought. I promptly ceased the experiment and warily clambered out of the shower, gripping the the side rails ever so cautiously.

A short while after I began to feel a sort of warmth inside, possibly from the adrenaline come-down. It was a pleasant and cozy warmth, like the warmth you experience when around a campfire cooking marshmallows, comfy. Apart from almost passing out from hyperventilating (which is apparently called the mammalian diving reflex, it was a pretty good experience, I recommend it.

Not sure why I decided to write this, who cares.



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