actual opinions on EPQ

2018-05-08 13:27:01 +0000, 5 months and 1 week ago

I’ve talked about the AQAs Extended Project Qualification before and I can now categorically say it was a waste of time. I got my mark today, 42/50 - an A, quite disappointing.

You could say this is inspired by a fair amount of salt / simply deferring blame and first of all, you’re right. I spent a sizeable amount of time on my project (>150 hours), writing ~5k lines of code, ~11k word whitepaper, a 50 slide presentation, creating tonnes of assets, videos, websites and the list goes on and on.

The main issue arises in that the supervisor is often not a specialist in people’s chosen topics, leading to a bias in marks for things they understand and a hesitance in giving marks to things they don’t understand. I do feel sightly cheated in this regard as I tried my utmost (there were a lot of comments about it being hard to understand initially) to make it such that this was not the case. I won’t start flinging stones but (starts flinging stones) when someone gets an A* on their admittedly poor project on fashion you know something’s awry.

In the end it turns out my first choice uni only gives alternate offers for their humanities degrees - not engineering, wish I’d known this a lot earlier before I decided to go full time-sink on this and give myself more stress than was strictly necessary. But out of this there is something good, I’ve fallen in love with MoonScript, learned how love.physics/Box2D works (the whole in-and-outs), wrote a semi-decent entity management system and released my first (polished) game.

So, not a total waste of time, right?



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