welcome. i'm an 18 year old student residing in the bongland studying maths and physics. here you'll find various posts of varying degrees of quality; ranging from shitpost to psuedoinsightful thoughts, something like that.

i made this site a few years ago when i started out in college (2015ish) as a place to collate my notes, from there its just grown like some kind of malignant cancer into its current form.

anyway, more about me: i mainly program in MoonScript with LÖVE, sometimes i dabble in assembly and web dev, although all of that has been placed on a back burner as of late because exams :( i've worked on various projects such as lssx, miki and Möan.lua. i'm currently working on a super secret turn-based multiplayer medieval/napoleonic era strategy game called tentwosix.

when i'm not sleeping or sat in a cold dark room staring at my lappy considering death - i'm snowboarding on thicc powder in far away chilly places or playing the piano.

if you feel the need to talk to me, hmu at one of the addresses in contact/.